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At Pikle we mention the use of website plugins a lot. However, we realize that not everyone are techies like us, so we thought we would write a little crash course on what a website plugin is and why they are beneficially to your company’s site.

Plugins are a type of software that act as add-ons to the site and are available for any web-design platform, however we think that WordPress is the best. Plugins can add functionality, design elements, and even tools to maximize your site’s success. There are plugins for just about anything and there are thousands to choose from, so please refer to our article on the top ten plugins you should invest in for your site. After a site designer deems a plugin necessary, it is purchased and downloaded for use in the backend of the site.

Common WordPress plugins we see every day include WooCommerce and Ninja Forms. WooCommerce is the most common used plugin for ecommerce, which means that if you have done any shopping online, you have definitely come in contact with it. Ninja Forms is the most popular plugin for creating forms and submissions, so if you have ever typed your contact information or requested a newsletter to your email, you have used it as well. Other plugins that are recognizable by name include Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight, and antivirus softwares.

Using plugins are extremely necessary if you’re trying to build a unique and successful site for your company. They can make the overall design less generic, as well as increase your site’s traffic and SEO. Please contact us for further info and inquiries!

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