Does your Contact Form Have An Abandonment Problem?

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A contact page on any website is a must-have. But, including a visible and user friendly contact form in a company’s website is extremely necessary in order to boost engagement on your site and then to develop the contacts to grow your customer base. Even though marketers realize the necessity of a contact form, they do not realize how many benefits the proper use of one can serve the company. When site visitors reach out to the company through a contact form, they develop a close relationship with the company that tends to makes the company seem more trustworthy and cause the customers to build up a sense of loyalty. Social media cannot provide this in the same way because people feel like they are conversing publicly with technology opposed to privately with an actual person. Because of this lack of attention by many marketers, the contact form doesn’t gain as many leads as it should. At Pikle, we understand the importance of an active contact form and we follow these steps in order to maximize leads:


  1. Create a contact form using WordPress


Due to its efficient and user-friendly nature, WordPress is always the best platform to use when building any kind of website. However, WordPress does not come with a built-in contact form page so a contact form plugin will need to be downloaded. Our favorite is WPForms because it is the most straightforward for marketers of any tech level.


  1. Test that your contact form is working

Sometimes the plugin can have poorly configured mail functions which hinder the ability for the contact form to send email notifications to the company representative. This can happen using the free version of the WPForms plugin or the pro version. However, only the pro version displays the form entries on the WordPress admin end where when using the free version, the admin wouldn’t have a way to know that the contact form isnt working properly.


Marketers can easily test out if their form is working properly by filling out a test submission on the contact form themselves and making sure an email notification was received.


  1. Cut out the fluff

It’s a great thing that the WPForms allows marketers to create as many fields in their contact form as they want, but try to keep it minimal to only the necessary fields. The more fields there are, the more time it will take site visitors to fill one out. In this digital age, time is the enemy as people are used to getting what they want immediately and do not have patience for anything that is time consuming. This will help those who want to fill out a contact form to not be turned away.


A good way to think about what to include in a contact form is to ask yourself “what fields would help me understand the user’s question or comment better?”. Fields should be included for the sole purpose of helping the marketer or company representatives understand the user’s question or comment better, not for the intent of the user.


  1. Give users a reason to contact you

Make sure that the design of your contact form reflects you or your company’s personality and is inviting to users. Begin the web page that contains the contact form with a warm welcome message and briefly touch on the types of questions the company would be able to answer. Also, if your site has a more complicated contact form where there are different forms for different departments, make sure you clearly explain to the visitor where to navigate to.


  1. Provide all contact info

Providing an onsite contact form may be the easiest way for customers to contact your company, but it’s always beneficial to provide other ways they can contact you. This way, they can decide which way works best for them. It’s always beneficial for potential customers to have the overall impression of helpfulness.


  1. Include social media profiles

Again, this is just an extra measure to be as helpful to the visitor as possible. Some users may find it more convenient to reach out via social media, and it never hurts public relations to include the company’s handles.


  1. Include a company address and visual map

Including an address and visual physical location of your business helps the user to trust the company and the online process as a whole. It is comforting for them to know that there are actual reliable people on the other side of the screen.


  1. Include frequently asked questions (FAQS)

After your contact form is developed you will find that many people ask the same questions. It will help save your time and the visitors time by just typing these questions out and answering them directly on the page.  It may be worthwhile if you have a list of frequently asked questions to create a chatbot for your website. 


  1. Take advantage of your confirmation page

It is always nice for the user to receive a confirmation that their form was successfully sent. Since most websites do have a confirmation included, users may expect one causing them to resend the form if one is not received. Whether in popup form or on a new page, the confirmation can be used to redirect users to a page you want them to go to or give them offers. This can help ensure that the user engages further with the company on their site or even make purchases.  Make sure to customize the confirmation.  There is typically default language used, however, using language with the tone of your company keeps things cohesive.


  1. Include an invitation to your subscription list

The easiest way to get users to subscribe to your company’s email list is to offer a checkbox on the form under their email that asks them if they wish to subscribe. Again, in the tech age of today, this minimal effort makes it more likely for people to sign up for future newsletters and offers.


  1. Include photos of employees

This is just an extra measure to reassure the user that there is a reliable face on the other end of the screen. When a potential customer sees a friendly face, they automatically feel welcome and are more likely to trust the company.


  1. Captivate the visitors

Even though there should be a minimal amount of fields on your contact form, the design doesn’t have to be boring by any means! Go ahead and add photos or videos that reflect your company’s brand.


Don’t follow the simple contact form layout that the majority of companies follow. You should use every opportunity for your company to stand out, the contact form included. You can customize the design or style within the plugin by adding in custom CSS. You can code yourself or use a plugin to do it for you.  If you don’t want to mess with it or have the time, give the Pikle team a shout, we’d love to help you out!

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