3 Trends in Video

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Today, the average person has subscriptions to multiple different online viewing platforms in order to watch their favorite shows. The rise of the popularity of instantaneous streaming has cause people to binge watch content for as long as hours. These change in trends make it necessary for marketers to change up their strategy and up their game in order to gain maximum reach for their company. After researching the video viewing behavior of today through the You Tube user stats, we noticed 3 things.



  1. People blur the lines between TV and YouTube


With the invention of the smart TV, people often use their TV’s internet access to watch shows that they can not find on their cable or satellite provider. This means people are watching more and more YouTube content on their televisions, two times more than last year to be exact.


Along with the trend of online streaming to watch your favorite shows, the trend of watching TV channels on YouTube has also grown. We have found that 50% of You Tube’s viewing comes from their TV channels.


  1. YouTube is a great way to increase a following

YouTube has always been a great place to pull up your favorite musician’s music videos or your favorite actor’s latest interview. Recently, the popularity of youtube has also given regular people the ability to gain a following and reap the benefits from the site. Research has shown that using YouTube to watch celebrities has tripled since 2013 and there are 75% more subscribers to You Tube channels overall than last year.


  1. People are rejecting the traditional TV

With all the easy ways to instantly stream your shows on any device, streaming has proven to be so much more convenient than regular television. People are choosing to surpass clicking through channel after channel until they find something they like by streaming anything they want right onto their devices. During the prime TV watching hours of each day, people in the age group of 18-49 are watching more shows on YouTube than any TV network.


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