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Just as technology, the world of UI (user interface) design moves at an extremely fast pace. Sometimes we found ourselves overwhelmed while designing or updating our business’s online appearance. Luckily, creativebloq.com picked out the top 10 UI trends that your business should implement in 2017 and why.


1: Captivating, full-screen video

When a video extending through the menu bar is the first thing a consumer sees logging onto a website, their attention is immediately grabbed. With vision being the strongest of the human senses, the utilization of stimulating visuals easily engage consumers, leading to further curiosity of the company and site as a whole.


2: Long form content and scrolling

Long form scrolling allows a site visitor to go through large quantities of content in one scroll, without disengaging the visitor. This is especially effective when a company is trying to tell a story, or paint a bigger picture of their brand, requiring a great deal of content. The browser can fluidly scroll through the content without being visually interrupted.


3: Gradients and vivid colours

Gradient designs and vivid colours allow more room for a website to stand out opposed to the uniform nature of flat design. There are endless possibilities in this design tool that will ensure a unique look as well as a personal touch. Again, people are immediately attracted to strong visuals, so be bold!

4: Illustrations

Illustrations are an easy way to convey your company’s personality to the site’s users. They are easy to use and can be visually dynamic.

5: Breaking the Grid

The Grid has been a fundamental of web design for designers in the past. It offers a structured foundation for designers, leading to a consistency in their designs. Recently, many designers have been experimenting with layouts and designs by ‘breaking the grid’. Breaking the grid lets designers get creative and create a visual piece of art that can be intriguing and stimulating for the user.

6: Parallax

Parallax often comes hand in hand with nontraditional layouts, adding a dynamic visual that can actively engage users if applied properly. Parallax is in action when the background image of the site moves slower than the foreground, adding overall depth to the site.

7: Cards

Cards have been an IU design tactic for a while now, but with the rising popularity of using mobile devices to browse, they are being utilized more than ever. Cards are a great tool for blending the site’s mobile appearance with the desktop appearance, necessary with the increasing amounts of mobile traffic. They provide an effortless transition onto the mobile version of a company site. Cards are also great for keeping a consumer visually engaged while scrolling through large amounts of information.

8: Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are active in many of the sites we use every day, but they sometimes can slip under the radar. They surprisingly have an important role in web designs other than being fun and visually entertaining. Micro-interactions remind the user of their actions on the site, giving the user feedback after certain actions have been taken. They making interacting with a UI a more personal and enjoyable experience.

9: Typography

Typography is a tool that a company can use to take their site to the next level from a traditional layout to a more editorial design. Bold typography acts as a focal point on the UI leaving a memorable impression on the user. With the constant increase in availability of web font services, typography is an easy and small addition to make the site pop off the screen.

10: Experimental navs

With the rising popularity of mobile devices, UI designers have endless opportunities to play with innovative designs for a site’s menus and navigations. This allows designers to utilize their creativity to produce unique, aesthetically pleasing designs. Although designers can really have fun designing menus and navigations, they must hold their usability and functionality most important.
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