10 Great Plugins to Extend Your Website Functionality

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WordPress has become the most popular web design platform because of its usability and design capabilities. With the use of plugins, there are endless opportunities for web designers. Proto.io has listed some of the best plugins with respect to website functionality, all used by us at Pikle!

1. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a multipurpose ecommerce plugin that has dominated the WordPress community. With WooCommerce, company’s can upload products into different categories, establish taxes and discounts, set up payment methods, and put in place many other product options. This plugin is easy-to-use and ensures complete control and management of your company’s products.

2. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms allows designers to design customized forms to be placed throughout the site to retrieve the user’s contact information or email submission. These forms can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to send email updates to visitors or to receive customer analytics.

3. Yoast

Yoast SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is by far the best WordPress SEO plugin to boost a site’s presence on search engines. This is because it is straight-forward and easy-to-use, even for those who aren’t as familiar with SEO tactics. The plugin creates an easy to understand checklist of what the designer needs to accomplish to optimize the site’s appearance on search engines; once given the green light, the site is SEO good to go.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a standard plugin that every WordPress site should have. It allows the company to monitor the site’s traffic and behavior. There are multiple plugins that can be installed as add-ons that produce more detailed analytics.

5. Akismet

Akismet is the most thorough plugin for shielding a site against spam. All designers know that spam = bad. Spam can have many negative impacts such as bring down your site’s SEO rankings and hindering your site’s overall progress. Deleting spam can be a battle on its own, so let Akismet take it on.

6. WP-Optimize

With the instantaneous nature of the digital age, people get fed up when sites don’t load quickly. A slow website can domino effect on a company’s success as a whole. That’s why having a plugin that gets rid of clutter like WP-Optimize is crucial. Useless clutter is what slows a website down, leading to impatient visitors logging off before completing their desired action.

7. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is vital for businesses that offer entertainments, training, or any type of gathering. With this plugin company’s can stay organized as well as easily inform their site’s users of their plans, giving them the ability to click-through and buy tickets or perform other actions. Designers can quickly create, edit, and track events straight from WordPress by setting up venues and times for one-time or recurring events.

8. Google Sitemap

The Google Sitemap plugin leads search engines to index your site’s blogs more easily and efficiently. There are a few plugins of its kind, but Google Sitemap is definitely the most user friendly, and stamped with the Google name to prove its reliability.

9. Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the most multi use WordPress plugins available. It offers a variety of management tools for your site pertaining to site security, performance, and opportunities for increasing site traffic. It also includes an outline on how to overall improve your site, addressing up to 404 errors, SEO problems, and more.

10. NextGen Gallery

Even though this plugin can be used as a gallery for any type of site, it was built specifically for artists and photographers, and has the capabilities to back it up. With NextGen Gallery, a designer can upload multiple high resolution images while keeping load times reasonable, even for impatient users.

At Pikle we are proud to say that we take advantage of using the best plugins to make your site as successful and user-friendly as possible. Contact us for further information!

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