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Every social media user has seen at least a few buzzfeed or buzzfeed style quizzes while scrolling through their newsfeed every day. There is no denying that people frequently take these personality quizzes and then further engage in them by sharing, liking, or commenting. This is because they are fun! People cannot help but be curious of what character they are from their favorite tv show, what food they are, etc. based on their personality.


They might be silly, but these quizzes are effective at receiving the engagement that so many marketers crave. In fact, the average buzzfeed style quiz gets shared 1900 times on social media, and we doubt that this number will go down anytime soon. Many companies and even more traditional media outlets are catching onto this trend and using quizzes to drive up their engagement. For example, the New York Times single most viewed and shared article is the quiz they posted a few years ago, “How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk”.


These quizzes can be used as a great tool to redirect engagement to your other social media posts and company site as well as promote your company’s products and services. For example, Kershaw Knives uses a quiz called “What Knife Style are You?” to tell users what knife would be ideal for them based off of food related questions. Naturally people will share, comment, and like this fun personality quiz. But, people will also feel more compelled to purchase a knife since the quiz was more personal and made them feel like they needed one to better their culinary needs.


Personality quizzes are a fun creative marketing tool that forces users to engage and interact with the brand. And even better, they can work for any type of company. Here are some tips for including personality quizzes in your marketing strategy:



  • Look at your most popular content


If your creative juices are not flowing the way you want them to and you do not know where to begin when it comes to picking a topic for a quiz, look back through your content. A good way to start is by taking note of social media posts, blogs, and articles that gained a lot of attention. Narrow it down to one that caused an influx in engagement and site traffic. If this topic caught this amount of attention once, it definitely will again especially if put in a quiz format. The same users will be interested, and then hopefully they will share the quiz causing the quiz to reach their friends, and so on.


  1. Set goals

After deciding on the topic of the quiz, you must figure out what you would like the quiz to accomplish in order for it to be successful. Usually these goals include promoting the overall company and generating brand awareness, marketing the company and its products, educating people on the brand and its products/services, and promoting sales of the products and services. Setting a clear goal helps ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want out of your quiz.


  1. PR, PR, PR!

75% or personality quizzes traffic comes from social media, so promoting your quiz on social media is vital for its success. It needs to gain enough reach in order to be further shared and overall effective. It takes a little exposure to gain exposure. You can advertise your quiz utilizing the free or paid method that your company uses to promote other content such as events, new products, etc. These tactics can include email newsletters, blogs, website content, and social media ads.


  1. Finally, create the quiz

There is an endless amount of quiz templates and platforms that marketers can utilize. Some companies that offer free templates include ShortStack, Buzzfeed, and Wyng. These templates allow you to focus more on engaging and effective content opposed to the technical side.


At Pikle, we are a huge fan of Buzzfeed style personality quizzes! They are a fun, creative, and engaging way to get the word out about your company and its products. Contact us to make a plan for your next quiz.


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