Schmeta-Meta, Why The Word Is Don’t Do It!

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The meta keyword tag function to gain SEO is basically useless at this day in age, but many marketers are for some reason still including them on their website. Web users are also seeming to forget their lack of presence on search engines as Google Trends proves that people are still searching for meta tags.


What are meta keywords?


More like what were meta keywords! The meta keyword is a function that dates back to 1995 and was used to increase the SEO of a site. The site builder would code keywords into the site based off the page’s content and those pages would then appear on the search engine when a web user would search one of the encoded keywords. Meta keywords were useful when people were still using AtlaVista and Infoseek to search the web, but now there are too many people on the web to uphold this way of ranking sites…so search engines just started to ignore it. There are too many web pages on the internet today for this method of SEO to be practical. How would the site manager be able to control their own ranking this way when there are thousands of other sites with similar content and keywords?  Search engines were forced to rethink the way they ranked sites.


Search engines say so long to meta keywords


With the vast growth of the internet, search engine companies had to develop a new strategy for ranking sites…that did not include meta keywords. Even though Google hadn’t used meta keywords for a while before this, Matt Cutts officially announced in 2009 that “Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking”. Within the same year of 2009, Yahoo also announced that they did not take meta keywords into consideration for their ranking. Lastly, Bing stated in 2014 that “the meta keyword tag is dead in terms of SEO value” and “that tage flatlined years ago as a booster”. With the top three search engine companies ignoring meta keyword tagging, taking the time to add them into your site is basically a waste of time. Take that time and focus on the substance in the page’s content, your company’s social engagement, and a user friendly platform to help boost your site’s SEO.


Due to the uselessness of the meta keyword tag function, the input field in the Yoast SEO Plugin is off by default…so no need to worry about turning it off. For further help to boost your site’s SEO, contact us at Pikle!


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