Are You Ready For The Future of Marketing?

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The rapid progress if mobile technologies have caused the creation of an entire mobile world- which has changed everything about digital marketing. The marketing world has had to progress simultaneously with the digital world, causing previously known techniques to go extinct.


Many companies are being forced to shift their strategies and look to the future. But a huge question is- what is the future of marketing? How do companies keep up with the rapidly growing technology world we live in today? Companies should remember that new ideas and techniques are released slowly so marketers will always be able to anticipate the next immediate move. Looking far into the future is unrealistic and will just cause confusion and anxiety.


Mobile developments have influenced both marketers and consumers equally, causing them to change everything they previously thought about technology and marketing strategies. Google’s Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, describes mobile developments as “rewriting the rules”. He says that the emergence of the mobile world has caused consumers to become so used to getting what they want when they want it that they lack patience to wait for anything. This explains consumer’s micro-moment behavior of today which means that they tend to rely on their devices to tell them what to know, do, buy, or where to go. In order to cater to this behavior, marketers have had to rethink their strategies. This explains why customer service has become a huge necessity as marketers have to be as helpful as possible. This means being there to not only tend to the needs of the consumers, but stay and be useful throughout the entire process.


The mobile world is not directly responsible for the behaviors of consumers and the changing role of the marketer, but is more the force that sparked off the reaction. The constantly developing additions to the technological world are simply only stemming from the invention of the mobile world. These additions are what will directly cause the micro-moment behaviors to multiply in the future. The need and expectation of the consumer for more personalized, immediate digital experiences will only continue to grow. The key to success in digital marketing for this age is to make the strategies as personal as possible. This means mass messages are basically dead and slow websites are a consumer’s cryptonite.


In order to run a successful marketing campaign, marketers must think a few steps ahead and know the consumer’s needs before they even do. To achieve this marketers must have a helpful mindset. They must have the patience to put in the effort to gain a deeper understanding of their customer and to be there throughout their individual journeys. This “smart marketing” would not be possible without the use of technology. Data and device learning is what will enable marketers to recognize that each customer is different while delivering the desired intent. This shift will cause many companies to need to change their marketing and business strategies while investing in their future. While making this shift, companies must focus on three main things:

    1. Optimizing the company’s appearance and existence in the mobile world: In order to give consumers efficient, unique, and assistive experiences, companies must put the time and effort into delivering memorable mobile experiences.


  • Thinking ahead using data more efficiently: understanding the consumers while maintaining smart design will maximize personalization. The connection of first-party data and smart automation will be the foundation to marketing success.
  • Accepting omni channel assistance: seamless transitions between online and offline experiences will set companies apart from the rest. This connection will show the consumer who the leading brands are.



Yes, this all requires a lot of work…but the first step is embracing the future! We at Pikle have the tools and experience to help your company take the future head-on. Contact us today for a consultation!.

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