5 Ways A Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You Save Time and Money

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When it comes to marketing your business, there is a lot of things to keep in mind. Things like your branding, SEO, social media, communications, and even understanding the ways visitors experience your website, all have a significant impact on the success of your business. Marketing agencies can help supplement your internal staff or manage the marketing function in your company.  Here are 5 quick ways that outsourcing your marketing to an agency help save you time and money:


  1. Working With A Team of Experts


Full-service agencies typically have teams of people who specialize in various aspects of marketing – from social media, graphic design, marketing technology, copywriting, web design, development and advertising.  Many companies have limited staffing budgets and for the fraction of a price of one person, your organization has the support of a team of people.


  1. Consistency in Your Brand


It is very important for your brand to have consistency in your messaging across all the platforms that you are using.  Whether internal staff or working with an agency, your company’s personality should be consistent including your tone, graphics and content style.  When your brand is consistent, your company becomes more recognizable.

  1. Target Audience


Gone are the days of putting up a giant billboard, placing a newspaper ad or sending a postcard and waiting for the phone to ring. One of the first things an agency should work with you to understand and define your target audience.  With so much information streaming at people from multiple sources every second, it is not only important what you say, how you say it but also who you are saying it to.  Working with an agency, you will ensure that your speaking to the right audience and the agency is creating great online content that engages prospective customers and answers the questions your customers are asking.  


  1. Staying Current With Marketing Trends


It’s no surprise that the world of marketing is changing and changing fast.  ‘Traditional’ marketing methods are morphing with new ‘digital’ trends.  When you work with a full-service agency, part of their responsibility is staying abreast of all the latest happenings in the world of marketing and bringing to the table new and fresh ideas that will benefit your company.  


  1. Accountability


Have you ever spent a bunch of money implementing a marketing plan only to not really know how effective it was? Marketing plans are not helpful unless you can measure the results. You need to know which strategies are working and which are not. No more just waiting and hoping what you are doing is working. Measurable data and knowledge of your customers is necessary to create effective marketing. A marketing agency can provide this for you, so that you only spend your marketing budget on plans that work.  

  1. Technology


Did you know that there are over 6,000 software applications to support marketing efforts?  Many of these applications involve software subscriptions that cost your company dollars, not only for the subscription but also training time for staff.  From scheduling and monitoring social media, managing advertising, blogging, grammar/copywriting, graphic design, etc., software applications help support your marketing initiatives.  When you work with an agency, your company saves that time and dollar investment since the agency absorbs that cost to support your marketing strategy.

If you are up at night thinking about how much time you waste communicating with all the different people you’ve hired to do pieces of your marketing, then rest assured, your solution is here. By hiring a marketing agency, you put everything under one roof and essentially have one contact person for everything to do with your marketing. Just think about all the time and money you can save by not having to buy all the systems and train a new employee to use them. There’s no need to spend all that money training employees when you can hire the experts right away.

Whether you are ready for a full marketing plan or just need a social audit, using a full service marketing agency gives you the flexibility to add more services as your business grows. Knowing what your business goals are can help determine what level of service you need now and what you might need down the road. While you may only need some graphics or a website right now, you might realize having an external support staff can scale with your organization and support your growing needs.  So don’t worry about starting small, your agency can be your resource now and as you grow in the future.

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